All Our Repair Work Is Guaranteed

Fully insured by leading specialists in Insuring Jewellery

Castle Jewellers have been repairing and manufacturing jewellery since 1984 to both trade and direct to the customer.

We pride ourselves on the honesty of our opinion and welcome clients to come and chat with the repairer themselves, rather than discussing the requirements with a sales assistant who is inexperienced in the process.

On many occasions we repair items of jewellery that other shops have said cannot be done! We welcome a challenge!

General Repairs • Chain Repairs • Charm Soldering • Fastener Repair And Replacement • Ring Alterations • Claw And Stone Replacement

We stock well in excess of 20,000 gemstones, some in excess of 14ct. If the Gemstone is not a standard size or a cut which is unusual we can get a gemstone cut so it is a perfect match. We can also repair worn settings and even reproduce a new setting if necessary.


If it is a lost earring that you need another one making or a full manufacture of your design we can do this all in our workshop. If you have a design in your head bring us a drawing or a picture and we will give you a price to produce.


We employ one of the best Hand Engravers i have seen in my years in the trade. The argument between machine and hand engraving is in our mind no contest. Hand engraving is cut smooth lines of any style letter you can imagine. It is deep cut and i have seen items 100 + years old were the engraving letters or patterns is still in good condition. In comparison Machine Engraving is only burnished into the metal, it has no “hand” look about it and i have seen items of jewellery that it has worn off in a few years.

We also offer a trade repair service, contact us for details

For more information either call us on 01909 478 636 or fill in the form below and we will get back to you asap:

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